One-piece Toilet
   Two-piece Toilet
   Wall hung toilet
   Art Basin
   Cabinet basin
   Standing basin
   Pedestal Basin
   Wall hung basin
   Counter Basin
   Squatting Pan W.C.
   Faucet & Shower
  GUANGDONG FAENZA CERAMICS CO.,LTD. is a company that specialize in ceramics sanitary wares
and the concerned suitable products.Our products include sanitary wares,bathtub,shower bath,
faucets and the suitable equipments,etc.It is a privately owned enterprises,occupying more than
388000 square meters.
  Faenza's products have been distributed to every province and city in China,and are also exported
to more than 80 countries and areas such as:Italy,Greece,France,Spain,Russia,Dubai,Lebanon,Kuwait,
Oman,India,Sri Lanka,Sultan,Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia,Morocco,Romania,Nigeria,Burma,Iraq,Pakistan,
Indonesia,Bangladesh,Malaysia,Pakistan,South Africa,Algeria,Australia,New Zealand,Dominican,United
States,etc.They are widely praised by the customers!

  Adopting the international advanced techniques in the production of the sanitary wares,choosing the high-quality industrial chemicals,guided by the market demand and the international standard.We produce various types of bright,colorful,beautiful and practical sanitary wares.They have been confirmed by the technical departments and have met the national standard.Also they are granted in the several successive years the provincial and the national titles of the new high-quality products.
  Our company warmly welcomes friends from all corners of the world to visit our factory and do business together!
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